At No 1 Online Solutions, our management and shareholders supports the policy and initiatives on Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE).

We are committed to addressing the transformation process. We know that BEE plays a very important role in business transformation in South Africa, which is why we are committed to do our part.

No 1 Online Solutions has adopted a strategy that will ensure compliance with the B-BBEE codes of good practice and we continually strive to improve our commitment as well as our current score and contribution level.

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We have partnered with a level 3 BEE valued contributor. This means that we are committed to the policies and good practices of BEE and are continually working to improve our commitment to transformation and economic success for all.

About BEE in South Africa

BEE is a government policy in South Africa that aims at increasing the participation and ownership in the economy, by previously disadvantaged cultural groups including South Africans of African, Indian, Coloured and Asian ancestry. The goal of BEE is to create an economy and society where all South Africans are either employed or work for themselves, ensuring prosperity and stability for the country.

The Benefits of a BEE Supplier

A BEE scorecard allows a company to gain points in areas such as employment equity, skills development, procurement, enterprise development, and corporate social investment. This means that you will be supporting a BEE suppler that is committed to the practices and policies of B-BBEE, and this in turn can contribute to your company’s own BEE level.

We are part of a transforming and vibrant economy in South Africa. The transportation industry is just one way of contributing to the stimulation of our economy.

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