Logistics Services

At No 1 Online Solutions, we provide a range of logistic service solutions that are customised to our customers’ unique needs.

Risk Management

Bulk Loose Commodities

  • No 1 Online Solutions (PTY) Ltd guarantees that every truck supplied to the customer conforms to the customer’s specific goods-in-transit insurance requirements. This ensures that the customer’s product is covered for damages or loss from the moment that a truck departs from the loading point until such time as it arrives for offloading at its destination.
  • We maintain a strict claims management policy. The purpose of this risk management tool is to ensure that all parties involved are informed of, and protected against, losses originating from under-delivery, theft and accidents, with the aim to minimize unforeseen losses.
  • Regarding surveillance, our fleet is fitted with Altech Netstar’s vehicle management systems, providing control over our vehicles. We view and monitor vehicle movements through internet-based applications, including alerts and panic buttons. The vehicles are updated by GPS location technology to make sure they are always visible and operational.
  • Dedicated fleet controllers monitor our vehicles 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure optimum productivity and minimum risk exposure.

Technical Division

As a leading transport provider in South Africa, we have high vehicle maintenance standards that are non-negotiable within our company. To ensure minimal down-time, all our vehicles are on full maintenance contracts with the specific supplier, which gives us countrywide support teams.


The final step of our complete logistics service solution is the presentation of a clear and concise invoice, along with a full set of loading documentation. We have our own specially developed and advanced logistics applications, customised to our exact specifications. This ensures that all paperwork is processed efficiently and correctly, and that it flows through our offices until it is captured in our secure filing system.

We also offer electronic invoices and statements, together with scanned and loaded documentation, for a paperless work environment.

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