Subcontractor Support

No 1 Online Solutions (PTY) Ltd have its own established fleet. Over the years, a lot of smaller transport companies have contacted us, offering to assist us with subcontractor support while simultaneously growing their own business in the transport industry.

These smaller transport companies dedicate their vehicles to our fleet, while No 1 Online Solutions (PTY) Ltd contributes its marketing abilities, comprehensive administrative skills, satellite tracking and diesel facilities to the mix. We offer smaller transport companies the opportunity to compete for, and take part in, logistics contracts that would otherwise have been outside their reach.

At the same time, it offers No 1 Online Solutions (PTY) Ltd the ability to directly control a fleet of vehicles which results in enhanced service delivery to our customers. The more vehicles we have available, the better we can serve our growing customer base. This also means continuous growth for our business.

Here are a few additional benefits to our subcontractor support:

  • We offer discounted diesel rates, linked to a company diesel card
  • Long term fixed contracts with established and renowned clients
  • The opportunity to gain exposure in the transportation industry

For the safety of our customers and to operate according to the law, we go through a strict screening process before each new No1 Online Solutions (PTY) Ltd owner or vehicle is approved. To ensure that we uphold our company values and way of doing business, we also keep track of maintenance services of all our vehicles.

We also monitor these vehicles 24 hours a day, seven days a week to avoid any risks or damages and to deliver an efficient service. This is to ensure that we uphold our standard of service as well as reliable customer support at all times.

For more information about our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us