Vehicle Fleet

At No 1 Online Solutions, we ensure that we have a reliable fleet to assist our valued clients with all their transportation requirements. We know that as a transport provider, we are only as strong as our fleet, which is why our fleet is reliable and sophisticated.

Our Fleet

Our fleet consists of company owned vehicles and subcontracted fleet vehicles - all branded with our company logo. We have a team of highly skilled controllers that manage every move of these vehicles, accompanied by 24 hours surveillance tracking through Altech Netstar.


While our dedicated subcontractors are managed by our controllers daily, they differ from our company fleet vehicles through not carrying the No 1 Online Solutions (PTY) Ltd brand on their vehicles. They work under our supervision to ensure that they deliver the quality fleet support that our clients have come to expect.

Brokers & Consultants

The third leg of our business includes our broking department, whereby all our ad hoc loads are managed and outsourced to smaller transport companies or subcontractors. They are being monitored by our team to ensure that they deliver a high quality service to all our customers on a regular basis.

To ensure that No 1 Online Solutions (PTY) Ltd provides market leading logistical services, vehicles are provided to the client's requirements.

Bulk Loose Commodities

  • Side tippers
  • Drop sides/dropsied tippers
  • Bottom dumpers
  • Walking floors
  • Back tippers

All these vehicles are manufactured in varying sizes to suit customers’ requirement. They can carry heavy goods in bulk and they are basically used in farm and timber industries.

Palletized loads

  • Taut liners
  • Drop sides
  • Flat deck link or triaxle

These are curtain sided trucks and offer a spacious load surface area. The curtains can be pulled back and a forklift can be used to load or unload the commodities. The transport of bulky items becomes easier due to removable drop sides/curtains.

Break bulk and dangerous goods

  • Taut liners
  • Drop sides
  • Flat deck link or triaxle

Liquid Bulk Tankers

Specializing in hazardous and non-hazardous liquid fertilizer transportation. Main products ANS, ANO and Phosphoric acid.

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